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    The The Applied Behavior Analysis Technician™ (ABAT™) is an entry level behavior technician who practices under the ongoing supervision of a QASP™ or other licensed or certified professional within the scope of ABA.  The ABAT™ establishes recognition of the Behavior Technician as a professional role within the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis in the Behavioral Health sector. 

    The ABAT™ has a working knowledge of autism and related disorders as well as the principles of working with individuals diagnosed with autism and related disorders.  The ABAT™ implements the treatment plan including the mechanisms and strategies of effectively supporting individuals to learn new behaviors and skills.  The ABAT™ demonstrates fundamental values by understanding and adhering to  socially valid philosophies and values, human dignity, and person-centered approach focusing on unique values, strengths, preferences, capacities, needs, and the desired outcomes and goals of the individual receiving treatment.

    The ABAT™ must always practice under close and ongoing supervision by a licensed or certified professional within the scope of ABA.  Ongoing supervision and continuing education are required for annual renewal of credential and the re-credentialing every three years. 

  • Method of Delivery

    The exam is conducted entirely online and is scheduled and proctored by Examity which is an independent third party. 

    A candidate is able to schedule their examination once all eligibility criteria has been met and approved by the QABA Board.

    If you require additional accommodations for completing this examination, please complete the online application HERE

    We recommend the following parameters are in place BEFORE your scheduled exam appointment.

    • Check your internet speed at the location you plan to take the exam. You can run a free test at www.speedtest.net. Minimum requirement of 5 Mbps is needed for both download and upload speed.
    • We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser
    • Enable Flash Player on the web browser for the computer you plan to use. Flash Player is required in order to display the content. 
  • Program Requirements

    In order to complete this exam, a candidate must:

    • Complete 40 hours of approved assessment-based coursework
    • Complete 15 Hours of Supervised Fieldwork
    • Provide one professional recommendation – one from your evaluator/supervisor/administrator of choice focusing on your qualifications and experience working with and supporting individuals diagnosed with autism. You will be required to invite someone to complete the recommendation electronically once you enroll in the exam.
    • Successful completion of the ABAT exam​
    • Examination pass point: 72.92%
  • Background Checks

    All candidates are required to complete a background check as a requirement for meeting all ABAT credentialing criteria.

    The background check is conducted by the QABA Board at a cost of $25 and is included in the examination fees. However, where an organization can provide evidence that a candidates background check status is current (less than 12 months), and undertakes to inform the QABA Board of any change in status, then the $25 background check fee will either be refunded, or the candidate will be provided with a coupon code which will remove the fee.

    If you are unsure regarding the current status of your background check, please have a representative contact the QABA Board in order to determine the most efficient option for you.

    Should you not wish to delay your enrollment in the examination process, we suggest the full examination fees are paid and an application for refund is made once completed.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    You are required to agree to the eligibility conditions and complete the following requirements in order to complete the exam:  

    • I am at least 18 years of age
    • I possess a minimum of a high school diploma or national equivalent
    • I agree to work under the Code of Ethics
    • I have read and acknowledge the renewal & recertification requirements
    • I agree to upload the following items in the File Upload Area:
        - A copy of my coursework certificate
        - Most recent background check 
        - A government issued photo ID

    Note: You can upload your file after you agree to all eligibility requirements. 

    • I acknowledge that in order to be awarded the full ABAT Credential, I must complete the background check. 

    Note: Instructions will be provided once you pass the exam.

    • Upon successful completion of the exam, I agree to have my name, credentials and location entered in the ABA Public Registry
    • I agree to the general terms and conditions
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