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    The QASP™ certificant understands autism as a spectrum disorder and demonstrates the principles of working with autism effectively.  Within the scope of Applied Behavior Analysis, the QASP™ demonstrates the importance of social validity and ensures the individual’s social and personal value by developing and implementing positive, non-aversive evidenced based treatment options before considering aversive alternatives.  The QASP™ conducts effective functional analysis as an integral element of the behavioral assessment process.  The QASP™ illustrates and understands how to use Pivotal Response Treatment as an integral part of a multi-element ABA treatment plan.  The QASP™ illustrates and understands how to use Discrete Trial Teaching when working with individuals on new skills, behaviors, and competencies.  The QASP™ can teach and supervise behavior technicians on the implementation of behavior support plans while the QASP™ themselves is under the direct supervision of another licensed or certified professional within the scope of ABA.  The QASP™ does not require supervision for any of the above tasks if the QASP™ is licensed under another professional board such as the American Psychological Association. The QASP™ adheres to the QABA© code of ethics, comprehends, and demonstrates the ability to develop treatment plans accounting for legal requirements and which are ethically robust.

    The QASP™ must always maintain supervision by a licensed or certified professional within the scope of ABA.  The QASP™ does not require supervision if the QASP™  is currently licensed under another professional state board. This may include, for example, licensed psychologists, social workers, behavior analysts and marriage family therapists.

    Ongoing supervision and continuing education are required for annual renewal of credential and the re-credentialing every three years. 

  • Method of Delivery

    The exam is conducted entirely online and is scheduled and proctored by an Examity which is an independent third party. 

    A candidate is able to schedule their examination once all eligibility criteria has been met and approved by the QABA Board.

    We recommend the following parameters are in place BEFORE your scheduled exam appointment.

    • Check your internet speed at the location you plan to take the exam. You can run a free test at www.speedtest.net. Minimum requirement of 5 Mbps is needed for both download and upload speed.
    • We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser
    • Enable Flash Player on the web browser for the computer you plan to use. Flash Player is required in order to display the content. 
  • Examination Requirements

    In order to complete this exam, a candidate must:

    • 12 semester credit hours in ABA approved assessment-based coursework  (180 hours). If your coursework is not pre-approved you must download and complete the following form. Once complete upload the worksheet along with Certificates of Completion, transcripts, or other supporting documents. Click here for credentialing standards.
    • One year experience or 500 hours of supervised work with an approved Autism provider
    • Provide one professional recommendation – one from your evaluator/supervisor/administrator of choice focusing on your qualifications and experience working with and supporting individuals diagnosed with Autism. You will be required to invite someone to complete the recommendation electronically once you enroll in the exam.
    • Complete a criminal background check
    • Successful completion of the QASP exam​
    • Examination pass point: 72.21%
  • Eligibility Requirements

    You are required to agree to the eligibility conditions and complete the following requirements in order to complete the exam:  

    I agree to upload ALL the following items in the File Upload Area:

                        1-QASP coursework certificate or QASP worksheet along with an official transcript

                             2-Bachelor's degree or higher

                             3-Most recent background check

                             4-A government issued photo ID

    • Note: You can upload your files after you agree to all eligibility requirements. 
    • I acknowledge that in order to be awarded the QASP Credential, I must have provided or am willing to complete a background check. 
    • Upon successful completion of the exam and a background check, I agree to have my name, credentials and location entered in the ABA Public Registry
    • I attest that all information provided by both myself and my supervisors is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that should it subsequently be found that said information is false or inaccurate, this may result in cancellation of my credential.
    • I agree to the general terms and conditions
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