PRE-APPROVED COURSEWORK APPROVAL PROCESS                                                                  

Process for submitting coursework for QABA Pre-approval for ABAT eligibility.

  1. Download the QABA Coursework Approval Toolkit (ZIP File)
  2. Review the QABA Credentialing Standards 
  3. Review the QABA Course requirements for Eligibility for ABAT Examination
  4. Complete the Coursework application (in toolkit)
  5. Complete the QABA Coursework Checklist (in toolkit)
  6. Submit the Coursework application, QABA coursework Checklist, and all attachments including instructor C.V.s, Resumes, and Course Syllabi to the following email address:
  7. Applicants will receive a confirmation email acknowledging submission of coursework pre-approval application.
  8. Once reviewed, a recommendation is made to the QABA governing board and a formal response is given to the applicant (Please allow up to 45 days for a formal response from the QABA Board)
  9. Formal response from the QABA Credentialing board will be one of the following:
  • More Information Required
  • Meets all Coursework Eligibility Requirements for the ABAT Examination
  • Does not meet ABAT Coursework Eligibility Requirements for the ABAT Examination.
  • Meets these content requirements for coursework Eligibility Requirements for the ABAT Examination
  1. Once Coursework is pre-approved for the eligibility requirements for the ABAT Examination, the Course title and Organization will be listed on the website along with a link to the coursework.
  2. Every three years from the time of pre-approval, organizations will be required to verify the coursework is still be offered.
  3. The QABA Board may at any time change the coursework requirements based on current best practice, legislative requirements, and/or job incumbent feedback.
  4. Any Organizations with pre-approved coursework will be notified of the new coursework requirements prior to 180 days of effective date of new eligibility requirements.
  5. Any questions can be directed to