If you are not successful at the examination, you can re-take it within one year from your original attempt. Provided you retake the examination within this one year period, you are not required to resubmit your Fieldwork and Supervision verification or attain a new recommendation provided these were completed successfully on the first attempt.

You may retake the examination as many times as required during the the one year period following first attempt. A $22.00 Proctoring fee must be paid for each retake of the ABAT exam and a $29.00 Proctoring fee must be paid for each retake of the QASP exam. If you need to retake the exam, you may re-enter your account when you believe you are ready. You will need to reschedule your exam date with Examity as you did on your first attempt

If you do not pass the examination within the one year period, you will be required to re-submit both one Recommendation and your Fieldwork and Supervision verification. For more information on examination fees please click HERE

Examination retakes are subject to the same terms and conditions of original applications.

Please Note: If you were not successful in passing the exam you will need to contact the Help Desk prior to rescheduling your appointment with Examity, to unlock the exam. Contact Help Desk