As a part of your application for candidacy, you will be required to submit the email address and name of the person who can verify your supervision hours. The person you list will receive an email containing a link which will allow them to confirm you, and they, have met the criteria listed below (Supervisor Checklist).

You are also required to enter the names and email addresses for two people in a supervisor or evaluator role at your workplace, who can provide the information listed in the Recommender Checklist below.

Supervisor Checklist

Supervisors are required to verify that the candidate meets the following:

  1. Demonstration of skills related to observation and measurement of behaviors and skills acquisition
  2. Demonstration of an understanding of advocacy, professionalism and ethical behavior
  3. Opportunities to learn and demonstrate a working knowledge of the mechanisms and strategies for effectively supporting individuals diagnosed with Autism to learn new skills and behaviors
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of implementation strategies such as:
    1. Task Analysis and chaining procedures
    2. Discrimination training
    3. Transfer of stimulus control
    4. Stimulus fading
    5. Prompt and prompt fading
  5.  Implements ABA treatment options outlined in the support plan that will best provide an individual with alternative ways of communicating his/her needs in an appropriate, non-challenging ways.
  6. Demonstrate a working knowledge of how to apply the principles of non-aversive treatment models ahead of aversive options.
  7. Demonstrate a working knowledge of how to use Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) when teaching individuals new skills, behaviors and competencies.
  8. Demonstrate a working knowledge of, how to use PRT as an integral part of a multi-elemented ABA treatment plan.
  9. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the functional analysis as an integral element of the behavior analysis process.

Additional Supervisor Verification's

Supervisors are also required to confirm the following:

  1. Confirm, as the candidates supervisor, I possess a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in a field related to Human Services AND have completed 12 semester units in Applied Behavior Analysis OR have a minimum of 2 years experience implementing behavior intervention programs. I also confirm that I hold a minimum of a current QASP-S, BCaBA, or I am an otherwise certified or licensed professional and have ABA within my scope of practice. Supervisors must have completed all supervisor requirements as defined by their licensing or certifying oversight boards.
  2. The candidate demonstrates willingness to work as part of an interdisciplinary team.
  3. The candidate demonstrates sensitivity to diverse populations and cultural diversity.
  4. I understand that I may be required to provide evidence of the fieldwork completion including, but not limited to, written records; calendar records or affidavit.
  5. I verify that I have met with, and provided supervision to the candidate for 1.5 hours in order to meet the supervision requirement for the 15 hours of supervised fieldwork.
  6. The candidate is able to see themselves as an advocate for people diagnosed with autism and related disabilities.
  7. The candidate demonstrates willingness to learn and use evidenced based practices when supporting people with a disability.

Recommender Checklist

Recommenders are required to verify that the named candidate...

  1. Demonstrates compliance with applicable state and federal reporting requirements in regard to reporting suspected or known child, elder adult, and dependent adult abuse or neglect.
  2. Demonstrates and maintains professional boundaries while maximizing an individual’s independence and self reliance
  3. Implements individual treatment plans as prescribed.
  4. Accepts performance feedback and demonstrates  ability to continue to grow, develop, and contribute in their role as an ABAT
  5. Communicates effectively with all interdisciplinary team members within the person centered planning process.
  6. Completes all job duties as assigned
  7. I confirm that I am in a supervisor/evaluator role of the named candidate.