Approved Supervisor Requirements

Download the Approved Supervisor Curriculum

Download the QABA Approved Supervisor Code of Ethics

As part of the QABA Credentialing Board's commitment to continuous quality improvement, it has been reviewing the requirements for Qualified Autism Services Practitioners (QASP) providing supervision services to Behavior Technicians. Insurance companies responsible for reimbursement of services are also beginning to require changes to Supervisor qualification going forward.

As a result of a three month process, the QABA Board has resolved the importance for QASP's to be suitably trained and experienced in providing supervision with a view to:

  • enhance supervisees' skills, competence and confidence
  • provide a supportive environment for changing and shaping supervisee behavior
  • provide assistance with professional development
  • ensure that services to clients is safe, ethical and competent

The QABA Board has released the required curriculum outline which candidates will need to ensure their 8 hours of training covers in order to meet the requirements. This curriculum is designed to ensure that individuals holding a QASP credential are suitably qualified to provide supervision to Behavior Technicians.

As of January 1st 2017, QASP's who wish to fulfill a supervisory role, will be required to provide evidence for having completed 8 hours of coursework that complies to the curriculum outlined in this document.

Once successfully completed and submitted for evaluation and approval to the QABA Credentialing Board, the board will add the supervision designation (QASP-S) to the candidates credential record. The public registry will also be updated to reflect the Supervision endorsement.

For all practitioners currently holding the QASP credential who wish to add the Supervisor endorsement, there will be no charge for their application if submitted prior to 5pm on Friday January 13th 2017. To make a submission by this date, a QASP will need to submit required documentation by completing the application online at: QABA Approved Supervisor Application

Evidence of having completed supervision coursework will be required to comply, at a minimum, with the curriculum outline in this document.

Evidence can take the form of:

  • transcripts
  • certificates
  • affidavits from employing organizations

All QABA Approved Supervisors are required to operate according to the QABA Approved Supervisor Code of Ethics